Because we are always listening to your needs and desires, et because your are the first concerned, we formulate and develop our products with you, depending on what you ask for. Therefore, we work relentlessly to offer you even more natural, efficient and formulated-with-care products, to help you deal with the side effets of cancer treatments.

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Regrowth kit after chemotherapy or alopecia - MÊME Cosmetics Regrowth Kit
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Regrowth Kit

Booster Treatment + Strengthening Hair Treatment

Individual products

Side effets from cancer treatments (chemotherapies, radiotherapies, hormonal therapies or even targeted therapies) are very specific and need appropriate and dedicated solutions.

Each day, our product development team, lead by Maela master's hand, is working on developping the products you need!

Because your needs and requirements are very specific, because we formulate our products with in average 94% of natural ingredients, and because all of our products are clinically tested by people undergoing cancer treatments, or are subject to a usage test under dermatological control on very dry and atopic skins, this development takes a lot of time!

But it is necessary to offer you efficient and healthy products that we are proud of, and in which you can fully trust.

Find here all of our new products to always take better care of yourself and to help you get your self-esteem back to better fight the sickness!