Nail Polish Drying Oil - MÊME Cosmetics
Fast dry nailpolish oil - MÊME Cosmetics
varnish drying oil - MÊME Cosmetics
express drying oil - MÊME Cosmetics
Nail Polish Drying Oil - MÊME Cosmetics
Fast dry nailpolish oil - MÊME Cosmetics
varnish drying oil - MÊME Cosmetics
express drying oil - MÊME Cosmetics

Nail polish drying oil

Accelerates drying time / Protects the manicure

9 ml

75% ingredients of natural origin & vegan

⭐ Rated 100/100 on Yuka


All types of nails, including those made more fragile by cancer treatments


  • Speeds up the drying time 
  • Protects and makes the manicure shine
  • Soothes and nourishes nails and cuticles
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Nail polish drying oil: the much-awaited treatment for a faster drying manicure, always with a natural formulation that takes care of your nails!

MÊME Nail Polish Drying Oil, for fast drying and long lasting nail polish!

Our nail polish drying oil accelerates the drying time of your nail polish and also optimises the hold of your manicure over time. A real must-have in your nail routine, it will quickly find its place among your favourite treatments!

Applied after the top coat, the nail polish drying oil reduces the drying time of the nail polish by half. It will also protect your manicure from chipping, prolong the hold of your nail polish and add shine to your pretty nails.

Our nail polish drying oil : a natural and gentle formulation to care for damaged nails

We know how fragile and even painful nails are after cancer treatments. So it was crucial to select gentle, natural ingredients for our nail polish drying oil.

Based on oily solvents from coconut, the nail polish drying oil does not dry out cuticles and nails. On the contrary, our oil dries the nail polish while soothing and nourishing the cuticles and nails. Finally a product that speeds up the drying time of nail polish, while respecting damaged hands and sensitive skin!

Solvents from coconut

Solvents from coconut

Gentle on nails and the environment

Our express drying drops are made of 75% natural ingredients, for a vegan formula that protects your beautiful nails. It contains in particular:

  • Solvents from coconut: for a quick drying of the nail polish but does not dry out the nails!

Move your mouse over the ingredients to see their source and function:

DODECANESource : Vegetal
Fonction : Accelerates drying time
, TETRADECANE Source : Vegetal
Fonction : Accelerates drying time
, HEPTANE Source : Synthetic
Fonction : Accelerates drying time
Fonction : Smooths and softens the skin

How to make your nail polish dry faster with Nail polish drying oil?

Nail polish drying oil is the last step to a successful manicure! Directly after applying your top coat, a single drop of Nail polish drying oil is enough for a dry and flawless nail polish.

Our nail polish drying oil is easy and precise to apply thanks to its pipette. Each drop of dry oil will glide over the nail polish to cover the entire surface of the nail, without altering your manicure. Wait 2 minutes after application, and your nail polish is dry.

No need to apply a drop between each coat of nail polish, it could even be counterproductive! As our oil is composed of fatty solvents, the hold of the nail polish could be altered, so apply it only at the end of our manicure.

If you use 1 drop of nail polish drying oil per nail, the number of uses of our bottle is estimated at 40 manicures.

Complete your manicure ritual for a complete nail care:

  • Our nail care pen, with castor oil and silicon, intensely nourishes brittle nails
  • Our hand and foot serum, for perfect hydration of your hands and feet
  • Our fortifying solution, enriched with urea, comes to the rescue of ridged, damaged, soft and split nails

Should the nail polish drying oil be applied between each layer of nail polish?

No, it is not necessary (and even counterproductive) to apply the Nail polish drying oil between each layer : only one drop at the end of your manicure is enough! Applied between each layer, it may interfere with the application of the others nail polish coats. :)

Does the nail polish drying oil dry out brittle nails?

No! We have made sure to formulate our nail polish drying oil with naturals solvents from coconuts to allow your nail polish to dry faster without damaging or drying your pretty nails.

How many drops should be applied to each nail? Can we put more than the indicated dose?

One drop on each nail is enough! If you put more drops, the last layer of nail polish could be more moistened, which would only prolong the drying time.

Does the nail polish drying oil substitute the nail care pen?

No! Although it is nourishing for nails, it is not its primary role. To nourrish your nails, we recommend instead our nail care pen, formulated with castor oil and silicon that is precisely conceived to take care of brittled and damaged nails.

How to preserve the nail polish drying oil?

To preserve your nail polish drying oil, make sure to close your nail polish bottle after each use.


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