Itching, irritation

Itching, irritation

So that itching and irritation due to cancer treatments doesn't spoil your daily life, and to get a more comfortable skin back, MÊME offers care products and soothing and nourishing lotions. Your skin is immediately relieved and moisturized to prevent itching from coming back!

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By drying out and weakening your skin, cancer treatments and especially chemotherapies, targeted therapies and radiotherapies, can sensitize your skin and cause itching and irritation, that damage your skin even more in the end. It is then important this discomfort is not to be taken lightly and to use appropriate products to reduce this itching and irritation, and to prevent you from scratching!

The routine starts with the shower and appropriate hygiene products that does not dry out your skin, and goes on with moisturising lotions and soothing and moisturising treatments to prevent the irritation from getting worse, and get some of your serenity back. Phew! Your skin will be able to breathe thanks to our natural and moisturising care products.