My Face

My Face

Weakened and dried-out skin, tired look, our products made mainly with ingredients of natural origin recognized for their safety, and effective to keep the skin hydrated, soft and the complexion fresh and rested in all circumstances!

Rigorously selected

Clinically tested

Safe and healthy products
made in France

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with our clients

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Chemotherapies, targeted therapies and hormonal therapies can dry out facial skin. It is weakened and dehydrated, it can pull, itch and little redness can appear.

It is essential to start taking care of your face from the beginning of treatments with clean, safe and efficient products, essentially made of natural ingredients in order to prevent and limit side effects.

MÊME offers a range of natural face care products: a Moisturiser to keep the skin soft, a BB Cream, a Concealer and a Bronzing Powder to have a beautiful and well-rested complexion, and a natural Makeup Remover Balm to gently remove your makeup.