Discover our range, designed just for you. 

Chemotherapy, targeted therapy, radiotherapy… cancer treatments can have side effects on your body. Dry skin, damaged nails, a more sensitive and fragile scalp, discomfort sensations on your pretty hands and feet: it is necessary to take care of yourself from the beginning of your treatments with adapted dermatologic care products!

MÊME products:  the requirements and expertise of dermo-cosmetics with the pleasure and softness of beauty products specifically designed for you. Developed with women undergoing treatments, they answer the specific needs of skins weakened by cancer treatments.

Our care products are clinically tested and respect a strict formulation charter, without any harmful ingredients or ingredients associated with hormonal imbalances and contain 96% of natural ingredients.

During and after cancer treatments, our products will help you keep a supple and moisturized skin, thanks to safe and clean products, that you can use without any second thoughts!