Tired complexion, redness and blemishes, sparse eyebrows and eyelashes... the side effects of cancer treatments such as chemotherapy or targeted therapies can affect your appearance and your self-confidence. We offer you a selection of suitable make-up products that can be used during and after your treatments, to get your healthy glow back in just a few brush strokes!

Whether it be filling in your eyebrows, applying eye liner to imitate the fringe of your lashes or concealer and bronzing powder to give yourself a glowing complexion... It doesn't take much to feel comfortable in front of the mirror again and give yourself energy for the whole day: you can do it!

Rigorously selected

Clinically tested
on people on cancer treatment

Safe and healthy products
made in France

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with our clients

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Complete routines

Make-up Remover and Eyebrow Felt - MÊME Cosmetics Eyebrows and make-up remover kit - MÊME cosmetics

Brow makeup kit

Brow liner + Makeup remover balm

Individual products

Sensitive eye pencil - MÊME Cosmetics Brown-black sensitive Eyes Pencil - MÊME Cosmetics
  • New

Eye pencil

Outline/Intensify/Creamy texture

Natural mascara - MÊME Cosmetics Short lashes mascara - MÊME Cosmetics
  • New


Lengthens/Intensifies/Precision brush

Launching offer

Get €5 off the Pencil & Mascara combo

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The 2-in-1 Eyebrow Pencil to redefine your eyebrows - MÊME Cosmetics Eyebrow pen

Eyebrow pen

Redefines / Fills in / Intensifies

Light BB Cream- MÊME Cosmetics BB Cream for atopic skin - MÊME Cosmetics

BB cream

Evens out / Illuminates / Conceals

2 reviews
Bronzing Powder - MÊME COSMETICS Bronzing Powder - MÊME COSMETICS

Bronzing powder

Healthy glow / Illuminates / Reshapes

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€4 off Cleansing oil!

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Ideal care mist to perfect make-up removal - MÊME Cosmetics Care mist protects the skin from dehydration - MÊME Cosmetics

Care mist

Soothes / Cleanses / Protects

Concealer for sensitive skin - MÊME Cosmetics Natural concealer - MÊME Cosmetics
  • Out of stock


Conceals / Hides / Corrects

What changes in complexion can occur during chemo or targeted therapy?

When you are undergoing chemotherapy or targeted therapy, your complexion may become slightly greyish and a little less radiant than usual. In addition, the skin is put to the test and may dry out and show small blemishes and dark circles. Moreover, because photosensitizing treatments make your skin more sensitive to the sun, your complexion may lack a little colour. In addition to daily moisturising your skin to replenish and preserve it, you can choose natural healthy glow make-up to feel comfortable with yourself and stave off fatigue!

How can you maintain a perfect complexion despite treatment?

The first essential step for a flawless complexion is hydration! Use a Face Moisturiser suitable for your dry skin to start your routine, and say goodbye to your full-coverage foundation which could suffocate the skin. Opt for our natural BB cream, that you can apply from the centre of the face outwards (without forgetting the neck!) to even out your complexion in a very light and natural way.

For small remaining imperfections, or dark circles and fine lines, use the Concealer. Apply in small strokes to the lower eyelid and to your redness or imperfections and pat to blend in discreetly. If you plan to use an eye shadow next, you can apply a little concealer to the upper lid and outer corner of the lid to make a good, even base before applying colour.

Finally, use the Bronzing Powder by drawing a 3 on your face to get a soft, tanned complexion. There you go! A simple and very effective healthy glow make-up.

An expert hand to redraw your lashes and eyebrows if necessary (avoid applying false lashes on already weakened lashes, use an eyeliner to imitate the fringe of the lashes) and a bit of lipstick, and hop! There you are, ready to face a beautiful new day :)

Our products have been designed to be particularly suitable for make-up during chemo, and therefore for sensitive, reactive and dry to very dry skin. You have oily skin? Don't worry, you can absolutely use our make-up products! They are non-comedogenic and made mostly of ingredients of natural origin, and will adapt perfectly to all skin types, even those prone to more pronounced imperfections, such as acne.

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