Because cancer treatments, and especially chemotherapy, dry out the skin considerably, MÊME offers very moisturizing products to get a comfortable skin back. Hygiene products and moisturising creams made with naturals ingredients known for their efficiency, for very dry and sensitive skin!

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By attacking fast-renewal cells such as hair, nails or even skin cells, chemotherapies and targeted therapies dry out your skin considerably. On a daily basis, very dry skin can become irritated and uncomfortable. From the beginning of treatments, it is important to start a moisturizing routine to prevent and limit your skin's dewatering under the effect of cancer treatments. For this reason, MÊME developed a range of simple but complete products, to help you moisturize your skin daily. By relying on natural ingredients known for their moisturizing properties and their efficiency, such as Aloe Vera Gel, Shea Butter or even Sweet Almond Oil, MÊME offers you safe and secure products to moisturize very dry and sensitive skins.