Alopecia, hair regrowth

Alopecia, hair regrowth

Because alopecia - hair loss - is already difficult enough emotionally, MÊME offers a very soothing scalp care to say goodbye to itching and irritation due to hair loss. Use it as much as you like as soon as you need it!

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on people on cancer treatment

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Complete routines

Make-up Remover and Eyebrow Felt - MÊME Cosmetics Eyebrows and make-up remover kit - MÊME cosmetics

Brow makeup kit

Brow liner + Makeup remover balm

Regrowth kit after chemotherapy or alopecia - MÊME Cosmetics Eyelash and eyebrow regrowth serum - MÊME Cosmetics

Regrowth kit

Care shampoo + Booster treatment

Individual products

Natural mascara - MÊME Cosmetics Short lashes mascara - MÊME Cosmetics
  • New


Lengthens/Intensifies/Precision brush

Sensitive eye pencil - MÊME Cosmetics Brown-black sensitive Eyes Pencil - MÊME Cosmetics
  • Out of stock
  • New

Eye pencil

Outline/Intensify/Creamy texture

The 2-in-1 Eyebrow Pencil to redefine your eyebrows - MÊME Cosmetics Eyebrow pen

Eyebrow pen

Redefines / Fills in / Intensifies

Scalp Mist The scalp mist relieves your scalp and fights dryness - MÊME Cosmetics

Scalp mist

Soothes / Hydrates / Nourishes

1 review
Cleansing and strengthening Hair Treatment - MÊME Cosmetics Cleansing and fortifying hair treatment for fine, fragile, brittle and regrowing hair - MÊME Cosmetics

Care shampoo

Cleanses / Strengthens / Hydrates

1 review
moisturising and nourishing care oil for face and body - MÊME Cosmetics hair and body care oil - MÊME Cosmetics

Care oil

Nourishes / Soothes / Sublimates

3 reviews

Some forms of chemotherapy and targeted therapies can cause alopecia: it can result in the loss of hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, and all kinds of hair.

This is often people's biggest fear from treatments, especially for women! Therefore, you need to prepare emotionally for hair loss. However, it is less well known that a hairless scalp is more exposed to everyday damage, and more prone to irritation and itching due to hair loss and re-growth, as wells as to the use of a wig or hairpiece. This is why it is important to take care of it with the right product that doesn't cause you discomfort in your daily life.

This is why MÊME created the Scalp Mist, a refreshing mist that soothes itching, nourishes and moisturises the scalp, while being very light and non-greasy so you can put your wig or headscarf back on right after using it!

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