Hand-foot syndrome

Hand-foot syndrome

MÊME offers vey efficient hand and foot care to deeply repair and moisturise dried out and sensitive hands and feet due to cancer treatments. Soothing and refreshing care for a true moment of softness, just for you!

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on people on cancer treatment

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The bandage kit to nourish and soothe dry and irritated areas of your body - MÊME Cosmetics The bandage kit to nourish and soothe dry, irritated areas of sensitive skin - MÊME Cosmetics

Bandage kit

Hand foot serum + Multi-purpose balm

Hand care cure - 3 pairs of gloves to fight against hand-foot syndrome - MÊME Cosmetics 10-day Hand Care Cure - MÊME Cosmetics

Hand care cure

3-pack Moisturising gloves

1 review
Kit of 3 pairs of moisturizing slippers to fight against hand-foot syndrome - MÊME Cosmetics Moisturizing slippers to soothe sensitive skin - MÊME Cosmetics

Foot care cure

3-pack Moisturising socks

SOS dryness kit after cancer treatments - MÊME Cosmetics Natural moisturizing body cream for atopic skin or skin weakened by cancer treatments - MÊME Cosmetics

SOS drought kit

Body cream + Hand foot + Face cream + Balm

Individual products

Limited edition Rosemary nail polish

With a color as natural as its composition! 

Body Cream - MÊME Cosmetics The Body Cream limits feelings of discomfort and protects your skin - MÊME Cosmetics

Body cream

Nourishes / Soothes / Protects

2 reviews

One of the most disabling side effects from chemotherapy or targeted therapies is hand-foot syndrome: an extreme drying of the palm of the hand and soles of the feet, leading to lesions and scaling, and a very uncomfortable burning sensation on a daily basis.

In order to prevent this syndrome as much as possible, the best option is to form a habit of moisturising your hands and feet daily, using proper care.

To address this issue, MÊME offers a healthy and efficient solution with its Moisturising Gloves and Slippers. Based on Organic Aloe Vera Gel, Sweet Almond Oil, Aquaxyl and Mango Butter, and thanks to their barrier action which enhances moisturisation, the Moisturising Gloves and Slippers form a suitable moisturising mask for when beautiful hands and feet are dried out by cancer treatments. 

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