Cleanse and remove makeup

Cleanse and remove makeup

Because cleansing your face and removing makeup can become a real challenge for very dry and sensitive skins, MÊME offers natural and gentle face cleansers and makeup removers for clean and healthy skin, in all tenderness!

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When the skin is starting to become sensitive and weak from cancer treatments, it is important to adapt its hygiene protocol so that little everyday gestures do not make your skin condition worse.

Indeed, classic hygiene products tend to dry out your skin even more, thereby MÊME developed hygiene products: Body Cleansing Oil, as well as a Makeup Remover Balm to gently clean your face and remove makeup, without attacking your vulnerable eyelashes and eyebrows. Thanks to these products made with 93,5% natural ingredients, and thanks to making little changes in your daily life (avoid very hot showers and manual labour without protective gloves), you can take a good care of your skin, in a gentle and tender way!