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best toothpaste for sensitive teeth - MÊME Cosmetics
sensitive gums toothpaste - MÊME Cosmetics
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natural toothpaste - MÊME Cosmetics
best toothpaste for sensitive teeth - MÊME Cosmetics
sensitive gums toothpaste - MÊME Cosmetics
mucous toothpaste - MÊME Cosmetics
toothpaste during chemo - MÊME Cosmetics

Mild toothpaste

Soothes / Protects

75 ml

100% ingredients of natural origin

⭐ Rated 100/100 on Yuka


Teeth and gums weakened by cancer treatments, naturally sensitive and dry mouths


  • Menthol-free toothpaste with fluoride and a peach flavour
  • Protects and soothes irritated, inflamed or sensitive gums
  • Helps to keep a moisturised and comfortable mouth
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Make a safe choice with our mild toothpaste: specifically formulated for sensitive mouths, weakened by cancer treatments and subject to mucositis. Also suitable for dry mouths or extremely sensitive gums and teeth.

Why is our natural toothpaste ideal for sensitive mouths and gums?

Brushing teeth can quickly become uncomfortable or even painful for people with (naturally) sensitive teeth and gums, or those whose entire mouth has been weakened by cancer treatments. Our toothpaste is perfect to continue taking good care of your mouth in the gentlest way possible:

  • Without any menthol or mint flavouring, which can irritate the mouth and worsen inflammations related to mucositis for example
  • Enriched with fluoride (1300ppm)** to fully protect tooth enamel and prevent dental plaque and cavities
  • Moisturising and humectant to help keep a hydrated mouth, with no feeling of discomfort
  • A creamy gel texture for a comfortable brushing, especially if using a toothbrush with very soft bristles! And there is no colouring in the formula

Proven effectiveness on fragile mouths and sensitive gums

Like all MÊME’s products, our gentle toothpaste has been studied and tested. Its effectiveness and tolerance has been scientifically proven on sensitive and fragile gums, by a dentist. The results speak for themselves:

  • Does not sting the mouth for 91% of people*
  • Soothes sensitive and/or irritated mouths and gums for 82% of people*
  • Reduces tooth sensitivity for 81% of people*
  • Reduces occasional gum bleeding for 78% of people*
  • Reduces dry mouth sensation for 78% of people*
  • Reduces dental plaque by 70% for 100% of people*

* Use test with scoring by a dentist on 22 volunteers with sensitive mouth and gums, 50% of whom had a history of atopic skin

**The fluoride concentration is the one recommended by the "Union Française de la Santé Bucco Dentaire" for adults, in order to protect tooth enamel and to prevent cavities.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Natural peach flavour

Natural peach flavour

Fresh breath

What is our 100% natural toothpaste made of?

Because it is important being confident using your favourite toothpaste, we have made no compromise in the formulation of our natural toothpaste. It is made of 100% ingredients of natural origin for a total safety.

  • The right dose of fluoride to protect tooth enamel and keep a healthy mouth
  • Aloe vera to prevent dry mouth and soothe mouth discomforts
  • A natural peach flavour for a fresh breath without using menthol

With its perfect formula, our toothpaste is suitable for people affected by cancer, but also for pregnant and nursing women, children above 7. More generally, all adults with sensitive mouths or people who care about the composition of their daily hygiene products can use it.

Move your mouse over the ingredients to see their source and function:
SORBITOLSource : Vegetal : corn and wheat
Fonction : Provides and maintains water in the cells of the mouth (humectant)
, GLYCERINSource : Vegetal : palm, rapeseed, sunflower, soya
Fonction : Supplies and maintains water in the cells of the mouth (humectant)
, AQUA Source : Water
: Solvant
, ERYTHRITOLSource : Vegetal : corn and wheat
Fonction : Protects against cavity
, CELLULOSESource : Vegetal : wood
Fonction : For a pleasant texture (viscosity control)
Fonction : Protects your product (pH regulator)
, ZINC CITRATESource : Mineral
Fonction : Fight against bacteria and dental plaque
, LAURYL GLUCOSIDESource : Vegetal : coconut, palm, corn and wheat
Fonction : Mechanically forms foam (surfactant)
, CARRAGEENANSource : Vegetal : red algae (chondrus crispus)
Fonction : For a pleasant texture (gelling agent)
, ALOE BARBADENSIS LEAF JUICE POWDERSource : Vegetal : aloe vera
Fonction : Soothes and protects the gums (moisturising)
Fonction : Removes dental plaque and improves shine (ultra soft abrasive)
, SODIUM FLUORIDESource : Synthetic
Fonction : Source of fluoride, protects teeth and strengthens enamel
, REBAUDIOSIDE ASource : Vegetal : corn and stevia
Fonction : Fights against dental plaque, anti-tartar
, XANTHAN GUMSource : Vegetal : maïs
Fonction : For a pleasant use (gelling agent)
, AROMA Source : Vegetal
Fonction : Natural peach flavour, suitable for the most sensitive mouths
, CITRIC ACIDSource : Vegetal fermentation : corn
Fonction : Protects your product (pH regulator)

How to get a perfect dental hygiene and properly brush your teeth with our gentle toothpaste?

  • Brush your teeth for 2-3 minutes after each meal, brushing each tooth with vertical motions starting from the root
  • We recommend using a soft-bristled toothbrush to protect sensitive gums
  • Complete your brushing with sodium bicarbonate mouthwashes (use those recommended by your medical team if you are undergoing cancer treatment)

Complete your routine with :

Is fluoride suitable for sensitive gums and mouths?

We decided to use the ideal dose of fluoride in our toothpaste to combine protection and care. Our toothpaste contains fluoride at 1300pm, the recommended amount for adults by the "Union Française de la Santé Bucco Dentaire", in order to prevent cavities and to protect tooth enamel, respecting sensitive mouths.

Why a peach flavour rather than menthol?

As menthol or mint essence can be irritating and therefore not recommended for sensitive mouths, we have selected a peach flavour that leaves a fresh breath and does not irritate gums, teeth or tongue.

Does the peach flavour remain in the mouth after rinsing?

No! The peach flavour remains in the mouth only when brushing. After rinsing, it does not leave an unpleasant sensation and leaves no taste: just a fresh sensation!

Is it normal that your toothpaste doesn't foam much?

Yes, our formula contains no irritating ingredients that make traditional toothpaste foam. Our toothpaste cleans the mouth perfectly with a fine, creamy, moisturising foam!


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