Oily Nail Polish Remover

Oily Nail Polish Remover

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100% Natural ingredients


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Weakened, your nails can sometimes be dry, broken and split. That is why it is important to use healthy and safe nail polishes, but also to look at the composition of your nail polish remover to not damage or aggress your little nails, and to avoid worsening their dryness by removing nail polish.

With its 100% clean and natural formulation, our natural nail polish soothes your nails while removing your nail polish

Without acetone or derivative of acetone (ethyl acetate), the Nail Polish Remover is really soft and without solvent smell (very pleasant for the people next to you!). Its oily formula, enriched in Sweet Almond Oil, delicately nourishes your nails and cuticles, and does not leave any nail polish residue. 


  • Natural Solvent
  • Sweet Almond Oil

In order to offer you natural cosmetics that respect your nails, our Nail Polish Remover is formulated with 100% natural ingredients, without solvents from petro chemistry, replaced by an organic-based and natural solvent as efficient!

  • Sweet Almond Oil: very rich, the sweet almond oil nourishes and soothes the dry nails and cuticles
  • A natural solvent from wheat, corn and cane sugar: this organic-based solvent softly removes the nail polish. 

DIETHYL SUCCINATESource : Wheat, corn and sugar cane
Fonction : Solvent
Fonction : Nourishes and repairs the nails and cuticles (emollient)
, TOCOPHEROLSource : Sweet almond
Fonction : Protects the nails (antioxidant)
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Judith and Juliette's special tips

Oily Nail Polish Remover MÊME Cosmetics

Judith and Juliette's special tips
Soak a cotton with a few drops of your Oil Nail Polish Remover. Put the cotton on each of your nails during 3 seconds : the Nail Polish Remover needs to be in contact with the Nail Polish to remove it : scrub your nails softly.
Complete your routine with the Nail Care Pen!

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Oily Nail Polish Remover

Oily Nail Polish Remover

100% Natural ingredients


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