What product is made for me ?

Cancer treatments (chemotherapy, targeted therapy, hormonotherapy) can have side effects for the skin and nails, which vary from person to person and depending on the doses and drugs used.

It is essential to start taking care of your skin at the beginning of treatments in order to prevent and limit these side effects.

J'hydrate mon visageJ'hydrate mon cuir chevelu

Je prends soin de mes mainsJe prends soin de mes piedsJe prends soin de mes ongles

J'hydrate mon corpsJe me lave en douceur

A close-up on hand-foot syndrome

Certain treatments can particularly damage the hands and feet. It is therefore important to moisturise these zones as much as possible before the first signs appear. If you notice any other effects, check with your doctor.

A close-up on radiotherapy

Closely follow the recommendations of your radiotherapist before applying the product to the irradiated area.