We develop products dedicated to particularly fragile skin. This is why MÊME's trademark is the rigorous formulation and safety of its products.

 Products formulated to be compatible with treatments

Products formulated to be compatible with treatments

uring cancer treatments, the skin of patients becomes fragile and requires special precautions, more demanding than for normal skin. This is why we have excluded from our formulas all ingredients that are incompatible with cancer treatments, such as essential oils and all ingredients that may be sensitising or allergenic, as well as all ingredients that have been associated with cancer or supposed hormonal disturbances, taking into account scientific monitoring, but also your concerns.

Carefully selected ingredients for maximum naturalness and safety

Because your fragile skin deserves the best that nature has to offer and because our products must be worthy of your trust, we always give priority to active ingredients of natural origin and we carefully select our preservatives and the rest of our ingredients. Our objective: to obtain the best balance between naturalness, safety and effectiveness for you.

Formulas rigorously tested to guarantee tolerance and effectiveness

Before arriving in your bathroom, our products follow a long and strict validation protocol. In addition to the tests and evaluation by an expert toxicologist, which are compulsory before any cosmetic product is placed on the market in Europe, we ensure the effectiveness and safety of our formulas on your particularly fragile skin by subjecting them to specific tests and studies on patients undergoing anti-cancer treatments and/or on sensitive and atopic skin, which is therefore very reactive.

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A 100% French formulation

Because we pay the utmost attention to the quality of our products, and because French standards and know-how are recognised throughout the world, we formulate and manufacture all our products in French laboratories and factories, located in Aix-en-Provence, Brest, Lyon, Chartres, Boulogne sur mer and Orléans.

Des formules testées rigoureusement pour vous garantir tolérance et efficacité

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