Pink nail polishes

Pink nail polishes

Pale pink nail polish, fluorescent pink nail polish, pastel pink nail polish, candy pink or raspberry pink... Everyone has their favourite pink nail polish. It's the nail polish colour that we always go for and that everyone loves. The pink manicure suits all outfits, all skin tones and makes us feel beautiful and feminine through and through.

Our pink silicon nail polish palette is always 10 free, with nail polishes up to 80% bio-sourced and suitable for pregnant and nursing women. Try them, change them, but most of all adopt your favourite pink nail polish.

Rigorously selected

Clinically tested
on people on cancer treatment

Safe and healthy products
made in France

Created in collaboration
with our clients

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Pink nail polishes for everyone with a healthy formula

MÊME nail polishes are all enriched with silicon to strengthen fragile nails or nails weakened by cancer treatment. But beyond this necessary contribution for the health of your nails, they also benefit from an exemplary formula to take care of you from the tips of your fingers:

A pink nail polish with natural solvents

  • The solvents used in our nail polishes are made from potatoes, corn, manioc, wheat or sugar cane, and not from petrochemicals (it is often the solvents from petrochemicals that are not recommended because they are potentially harmful to health). MÊME nail polishes use solvents of natural origin and are therefore up to 80% bio-sourced, to be more respectful of your nails and your body.

A 10 free pink colour

  • A 10 free nail polish is a nail polish that does not contain any of the 10 substances considered the most harmful to our health. Our pink nail polishes, like all our colours, are therefore free of toluene, phthalates, formaldehyde, camphor, xylene, formaldehyde, parabens, styrene, benzophenone-1 and rosin. Discover all the secrets of 10 free nail polishes here..

A formula approved for pregnant or nursing women

  • And this is the result of a very rigorous process of formulation! Our nail polishes are developed to suit the needs of the most fragile nails and organisms and are suitable for pregnant and nursing women. To mothers and mothers-to-be, the pleasure of putting a little pink on your fingertips!

How to achieve a perfect pink manicure?

Because not everyone can be a brush expert, here are a few tips on how to achieve a pink manicure without fail.

1. Prepare your nails

Start by filing your nails carefully (rather than cutting them), and pushing back the cuticles with a silicone cuticle pusher, which is gentler on fragile or sensitive cuticles.

2. Apply the silicon protective base coat

The layer of silicon base coat, or fortifying solution for severely damaged nails, is essential to protect your nails from the colour pigments in nail polishes and to smooth the nail surface.

3. Apply your favourite pink nail polish

Apply two coats of pink nail polish (fluorescent, pale, peony, raspberry or even Barbie pink, it's up to you!) on each of your nails for a good opacity. Use as little product as possible, for an even finish and a shorter drying time for the pink nail polish!

As a bonus, here's a little diagram explaining how to apply your nail polish.

  1. Finish with a layer of top coat to make your manicure last longer and shine.
  2. Finally, the most impatient will be pleased to apply a drop of nail polish drying oil as soon as the last coat has been applied, for an express drying of all your manicures!

A final touch for the care and beauty of your nails?

Once your pink manicure is finished, whether you have opted for a nail art in shades of pink, a revisited French manicure or a semi-transparent pink nail polish to enhance your nails, apply our nail care pen around the nail to nourish your cuticles and strengthen the nail matrix!

You can also find all our advice on how to strengthen your nails during cancer treatment .

Our nail polishes, like the entire MÊME care range, are equally suitable for women and men!

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