BB Cream for atopic skin - MÊME Cosmetics
BB cream camouflages minor redness and imperfections - MÊME Cosmetics
BB Cream for dry or atopic skin - MÊME Cosmetics
BB Cream for atopic skin - MÊME Cosmetics
Light BB Cream- MÊME Cosmetics
BB Cream for atopic skin - MÊME Cosmetics
BB cream camouflages minor redness and imperfections - MÊME Cosmetics
BB Cream for dry or atopic skin - MÊME Cosmetics
BB Cream for atopic skin - MÊME Cosmetics
Light BB Cream- MÊME Cosmetics

BB cream - Light shade

Evens out / Illuminates / Conceals

30 ml

97% ingredients of natural origin & vegan

⭐ Rated 83/100 on Yuka


Fragile, sensitive or atopic skin


  • Long wearing
  • A naturally evened skin tone 
  • Gives a healthy glow 

Shade: Light

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Delivery expected from 31/05/2024

Although it helps illuminate slightly dull skin complexions, applying makeup can prove to be hard on your fragile, sensitive or dry skin. However, you should not be stopped from having a nice skin tone just because your skin is a little sensitive.

Our BB cream has particularly good moisturising properties! It’s a godsend for the most sensitive and driest of skins. Its soft texture evens skin tones, illuminates pale faces and delicately covers any imperfections or redness, for a natural looking finish.

Available in two shades (light and medium) to adapt to different complexions, its mineral pigments with warm tones bring the necessary light to wake up your pretty face. Its long-lasting formula makes for a healthy-glow effect that lasts all day and a skin that stays supple, soft and comfortable.

> A naturally even skin tone for 91% of women*
> Non comedogenic BB Cream for 96% of women*
> Leaves the skin supple and soft for 95% of women*
> Doesn’t dry out the skin for 91% of women*
> Suitable for sensitive and atopic skins for 91% of women*

* Use test carried out on 22 women with dry and/or atopic skin

Organic Oat Extract

Organic Oat Extract

Smooth and tender
Vitamin E

Vitamin E

Mineral Pigments

Mineral Pigments

Cover and illuminate

Formulated with 97% natural ingredients, our BB cream is allergen-free and without any potentially harmful ingredients or ingredients associated with hormonal imbalances. For healthy and safe make up!

  • Organic Oat Extract: thanks to its complex of natural sugars, the Organic Oat Extract has a tightening effect that smoothens the most fragile skin.
  • Vitamin E: because it is antioxidant and repairing, the delicate Vitamin E protects even the most sensitive skin.
  • Mineral Pigments: naturally coloured to delicately cover small imperfections, the mineral pigments reflect the light to wake up tired faces. 

Light shade and medium shade

Important: titanium dioxide is only dangerous when used in nano form (because it can penetrate the skin). Which is not the case for our Concealer, in which we've used it as a white pigment, in order to obtain the different shades. The whole MÊME team will always be vigilant about regulatory changes and ongoing scientific research on ingredients, and no ingredients suspected of being carcinogenic will ever be found in our formulation charter.

Run your mouse over the ingredients to discover their source and function:

AQUA (WATER) Source: Water
: Solvent
, CI 77891 (TITANIUM DIOXIDE) Source: Mineral origin (NOT present in nano-particulate form) 
: Pigment
, PROPANEDIOL Source : Biotechnological and vegetal (palm) 
Fonction: For a good dispersion of pigments (pigment wetting agents)
, CAPRYLIC/CAPRIC TRIGLYCERIDESource: Vegetal (coconut and palm) 
Fonction: Relaxes, softens and smoothes the skin (emollient)
, CETEARYL ALCOHOLSource: Vegetal (palm)
Fonction: Brings softness and homogeneity to the cream (emulsifier, emollient).
, DICAPRYLYL CARBONATE Source: Vegetal (coconut and palm) and mineral 
: Relaxes, softens and smoothes the skin (emollient)
, GLYCERIN Source: Vegetable (rapeseed, maize, coconut, sunflower) 
: Moisturises and recharges the skin with water (Humectant)
, HYDROGENATED VEGETABLE OIL Source: Vegetal (palm and rapeseed)
: For a smooth cream! (Firmness agent, emollient)
Fonction: Illuminates the complexion (Illuminating nacre)
, CI 77492 (IRON OXIDES) Source: Synthetic 
Fonction: Pigment
, CETEARYL GLUCOSIDESource: Vegetal (palm and wheat) Fonction: Brings softness and homogeneity to the cream (Emulsifying agent, emollient) , LAUROYL LYSINE Source: Vegetal (palm) 
Fonction : For an easy application... and a soft finish (Touch Powder)
, TOCOPHEROL Source: Vegetal Fonction: Protects the skin (Antioxidant) , AVENA SATIVA (OAT) KERNEL EXTRACT Source: Vegetal (oat)
Fonction : Purifies the skin and helps to bind the formula (Tensor active ingredient)
, MICROCRYSTALLINE CELLULOSE Source: Vegetal (plant fibre)Fonction: For a comfortable application (Gelling agent) , GLYCERYL CAPRYLATE Source: Vegetal (coconut and palm) 
Fonction: Relaxes, softens and smoothes the skin (emollient)
, XANTHAN GUM Source: Biotechnological 
Fonction: For a pleasant texture (Firming agent)
, CELLULOSE GUM Source: Vegetal (plant fibre) 
: For a pleasant texture (Firming agent) 
, GLYCINE SOJA (SOYBEAN) OIL Source: Vegetal (soya)
Fonction: Relaxes, softens and smoothes the skin (emollient)
Fonction: Protects your product from aging (Preservative)
, SODIUM STEAROYL GLUTAMATE Source: Vegetal (coconut, corn, palm) 
: Brings softness and homogeneity to the cream (Emulsifying)
, SODIUM PHYTATE Source: Vegetal (rice)
Fonction: Protects your product from aging (Preservative) 
, SODIUM BENZOATE Source: Synthetic
: Protects your product from aging (Preservative) 
, ALCOHOL Source : Vegetal 
: Solvent
, P-ANISIC ACID Source: Synthetic 
: To protect the fragrance of your product (masking agent)
, CI 77491 (IRON OXIDES) Source: Synthetic
: Pigment
, CI 77499 (IRON OXIDES) Source: Synthetic 
: Pigment
, PARFUM (FRAGRANCE) Source: Fragrance: Green- Floral- Fruity- Tea 
: Perfume (Fragrance)

Before doing your makeup, remember to moisturise your skin with the Moisturiser. Apply some BB cream on your nose, your cheeks and your forehead. Spread the BB cream from the centre of your face outwards. Don’t forget to apply it all the way up to your ears and towards your neck, for a natural-looking effect! 

By following our instructions for use, the time of use of our BB cream is estimated at 2 months!

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