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La Poudre Bonne Mine
La Poudre Bonne Mine
La Poudre Bonne Mine
La Poudre Bonne Mine
La Poudre Bonne Mine
La Poudre Bonne Mine
La Poudre Bonne Mine
La Poudre Bonne Mine

Bronzing Powder

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It’s tough having a nice luminous appearance when you constantly have to protect yourself from the sun or when your skin complexion is a bit dull or tired by your lifestyle. Already dried-out and sensitive, the skin is also more reactive to cosmetics, even though they could give it back all its glow.

MÊME’s Bronzing Powder provides the most sensitive skins with a natural and comfortable makeup: its natural pigments and slightly iridescent finish illuminate the complexion and give the skin a natural tan. It’s like you just came back from vacation!

Its universal colour is suitable to all skin tones. It enhances the radiance of all complexions. It’s easy to apply with a brush and comfortable, MÊME’s Bronzing Powder doesn’t dry out the skin and lasts all day for a natural, luminous complexion, and a skin that stays soft and supple.

> The complexion is naturally illuminated for 100% of women*
> The complexion is naturally tanned for 100% of women*
> Gives a healthy glow for 100% of women*
> Helps reshape the contours of the face for 100% of women*
> Lasts all day for 100% of women*
> The application is homogeneous and even for 100% of women*
> Leaves the skin soft and supple for 100% of women*
> Leaves a comfortable skin all day long for 100% of women*
> Doesn’t dry out the skin for 100% of women*
> Enhances the skin tone for 100% of women*

* Use test carried out on 23 women with sensitive and/or atopic skin

Mineral Pigments

Tapioca Bio

Jojoba wax & Pomegranate flower

Natural Bronzing Powder: because we care for highly fragile skins, we pay particular attention to your perception of risk and to the international scientific watch. We therefore removed from our formulas all potentially toxic ingredients and endocrine disruptors. The Bronzing Powder is formulated with 99% natural ingredients, for a healthy and safe makeup.

  • The rich jojoba and pomegranate flower wax which brings comfort to the most sensitive skins
  • The delicate organic tapioca that transforms the powder into a veil of softness
  • The clever natural pigments that brighten even pale faces
TALC Source : Minérale
: Absorbant, opacifiant
, MICA Source : Minérale
: Opacifiant
, HELIANTHUS ANNUUS (SUNFLOWER) SEED OIL Source : Végétale (Tournesol)
Fonction : Nourrit, hydrate et assouplit la peau
, LAUROYL LYSINESource : Végétale
: Pour une application facile… et un fini tout doux (poudre de toucher)
, TAPIOCA STARCH*Source : Végétale (Tapioca)
Fonction : Pour une application facile… et un fini tout doux
, TITANIUM DIOXYDE Source : Origine minérale (NON présent sous forme nano-particulaire)
: Pigment
: Détend, hydrate et protège la peau (émollient)
, PUNICA GRANATUM FLOWER EXTRACT Source : Végétale (Grenadier)
: Hydrate et protège la peau
, RUBUS IDAEUS (RASBERRY) SEED OIL* Source : Végétale (Framboise)
Fonction : Assouplit et adoucit la peau (émollient)
, TOCOPHEROL Source : Végétale (Soja)
Fonction : Protège la peau (antioxydant)
, SUCROSE POLYSTEARATE Source : Végétale (Canne à sucre)
Fonction : Pour une application facile… et un fini tout doux
, SILICA Source : Minérale
Fonction : Opacifiant
, AQUA (WATER) Source : MinéraleFonction : Solvant , TIN OXIDE Source : Minérale
Fonction : Opacifiant

CI 77491 (IRON OXIDES) Source : Minérale
Fonction : Pigment
, CI 77492 (IRON OXIDES) Source : Minérale
Fonction : Pigment
, CI 77499 (IRON OXIDES) Source : Minérale
: Pigment

* Ingrédients issus de l’agriculture biologique

How to use MÊME’s Bronzing Powder ?

Before putting on your makeup, don’t forget to moisturize your skin with the Moisturizer. Then, even out your complexion with the natural BB Cream and smooth away the imperfections with the Concealer. Next, load a big “Kabuki” brush with powder and sweep over your face from the temples to the cheekbones, and from the cheekbones to the chin to draw the number 3. Finish off by the neck and the cleavage! Every night, take the time to remove your makeup with our Makeup Remover Balm and moisturize your skin once again with the Moisturizer.

What women think about it

Elodie A.

J'adore effet bonne mine immédiat

published the 16/11/2019 following an order made on 29/10/2019

Françoise R.

published the 12/11/2019 following an order made on 25/10/2019

Caroline F.

Tres beau et bon produit.

published the 08/11/2019 following an order made on 18/10/2019


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