Same sorrow, same desire, same battle

MÊME Malade, je m'aime, on m'aime

Elise, Laetitia, Melanie and Nathalie: 4 women bound through cancer, yes, but not only. Elise, Laetitia, Melanie and Nathalie are bound by their courage, their fighting spirit and joie de vivre above all. We met and asked them to share their story and their battle.

4 extraordinary women, just like you.

             Elise             Mélanie             Nathalie             Laetitia



Elise, 24 years old

A true adventurer, she strives day after day not to let the disease prevent her from living her life as she sees fit: to the fullest!

And if we had to use only one word to describe her: determined!  


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MélanieMelanie, 36 years old

This incredible mom had to gather all her courage to explain to her 4-year-old girl what she was going through, with infinite tenderness. Regaining her femininity and her family life helped her find a new balance, accepting the disease, without letting it take to much place. 


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NathalieNathalie, 51 years old

The best piece of advice from the pretty Nathalie to always stand tall: smile at her own reflection in the mirror. Nathalie is sweet, sensitive, and above all a woman with extraordinary strength and courage. An inspiring example for every woman who needs to stand up to cancer. 


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LaëtitiaLaëtitia, 32 years old

The sparkling little brunette who was always taking care of others had to learn how to ask for help to go through the ordeal of illness. Day after day, she keeps her good mood and her fighting spirit to keep leading a normal life, despite it all!  


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Elise, Laetitia, Melanie and Nathalie are just some of the women who inspire Judith and Juliette every day for the creation of MÊME, the first range of dermo-cosmetic products dedicated to women affected by cancer.

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