Nude Manucure Kit - MÊME Cosmetics
Nude Manucure Kit - MÊME Cosmetics
Nude Manucure Kit - MÊME Cosmetics
Nude Manucure Kit - MÊME Cosmetics
Nude Manucure Kit - MÊME Cosmetics
Nude Manucure Kit - MÊME Cosmetics
Nude Manucure Kit - MÊME Cosmetics
Nude Manucure Kit - MÊME Cosmetics

Manicure kit - Nude

Base coat + Colour + Top coat + Remover

10 ml + 10 ml + 10 ml + 50 ml

86% bio-sourced formulas on average


Brittle, ridged and splitting nails


  • Vegan and 10 free
  • Silicon-enriched
  • Protects the nail from UV rays
Delivery expected from 24/04/2024

When weakened, your pretty nails can become brittle, soft, streaked, or even split. It is therefore important to take great care of them with a healthy and safe manicure enriched with silicon!

The manicure kit contains everything you need for an ultra-feminine manicure that protects and strengthens your nails:

Made of an average of 86% bio-sourced ingredients, and without any ingredients subject to controversy or potential endocrine disruptors, our manicure kit was formulated with the greatest care for your nails, even when they're most sensitive, fragile or damaged.

To discover the full list of ingredients, look directly on the product pages by clicking here:

You'll find all the information you need... and even a little more!

For an ideal manicure, apply one coat of the silicon Base coat, then 2 coats of the Nude silicon Nail polish, and finish off with a coat of the silicon Top coat for a shinier finish and a longer lasting manicure!

One last piece of advice? Once your manicure is finished, run your fingers under cold water to set the nail polish faster!

To remove your nail polish with the Nail polish remover oil, pour a few drops on a cotton pad and put it on your nail for a few seconds. Slowly move towards the fingertips and rub carefully to gently remove the nail polish.

We recommend applying your nail polish in a ventilated room and to keep it out of reach of children.


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