Gift card

Indulge your loved ones in a few clicks! 

You would like to offer our products to a friend or relative, but you're not sure about her desires or needs ?
The gift card is perfect for you! A 100% tenderness and personalized gift, which will allow the recipient to chose the products that fit the best their needs best.
The MÊME gift card can be used to purchase any product on the website, is valid for one year and can be used multiple times!

How does the gift card work ?

  • Select your Gift card design.
  • Select the amount of your choice (20€, 35€, 50€, 100€, 150€, 200€).
  • Fill out the fields "From", "Recipient", and add a little message for your friend/relative.
  • You can choose to print a gift certificate to deliver personally, or to send it directly by email : you just have to enter the recipient's email address in the corresponding field. You can even chose the sending date if it is for a special occasion!
  • Add a gift card to your bag, and after the validation of your payment, you'll be able to offer your MÊME gift card!
  • The lucky person will only have to enter this code in their bag while validating their order!

1. Select a design

2. Information about the gift card

(200 remaining characters)

3. Select a delivery method