Under chemotherapy and targeted therapy, your complexion can become a little grey and tired by cancer treatments and the prohibition of sun exposure, redness and flaws can make their appearance. That is why MÊME offers a makeup range to get a glowy, even and corrected complexion back!

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Cancer treatments can have consequences on your skin's look, and it is not easy to keep your spirits up when your image in the mirror does not make you want to smile!

Chemo and targeted therapies can give you a grey complexion, slightly modify your skin color and cause redness. Hormonotherapy can cause the appearance of little blemishes and pimples that look like acne (but they are not!).

In order to get a nice complexion back without attacking or suffocating your skin, MÊME developed a range of makeup products with a BB Cream, a Concealer as well as a Bronzing Powder. A good-looking routine made for you and adapted to your skin's specificities and cancer treatments' consequences.

Your complexion is even, little flaws are hidden, and your face's contours are redefined and enlightened just where it needs to, so you can get a radiant complexion back which will make you want to smile again in the morning!