Boosting Hair Regrowth After Chemotherapy

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After treatments comes the eagerly awaited moment of hair growth. Get ready: at first, your hair might be much thinner than before, so make sure to take extra care of it by adopting a hair routine full of tenderness. MÊME gives you a few tips that might help you during this very special moment! 

How long does it take for hair to grow back?

We are all unique and so is our hair! How long it takes for the hair to grow back varies from one person to another and this is all the more true depending on the treatment followed. The good news is, hair loss is only temporary and, most of the time, people report noticing hair growth four to six weeks after the end of treatments, once the body has completely eliminated the most aggressive drugs. Indeed, both cancer and hair follicle cells divide at a fast pace, but since chemotherapy cannot tell these two types of cells apart, the drug tends to attack both kinds.

Luckily, hair follicle cells tend to regenerate very quickly. So don’t worry! Hair usually starts to grow back as soon as chemotherapy is over.

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Will my hair look the same when it grows back?

Your hair may now be a little different than it was before treatments. Why? Well, just like our body does, hair follicle cells need some time to recover and function normally.

So, do not be surprised if the texture (and possibly even the colour) of your hair is different. It can – for instance – be a little grey at first. Sometimes, these changes are only temporary. In other cases, they’re permanent.

For example, straight hair can suddenly turn into curly hair (also known as “chemo curls”). It might only be temporary, meaning your hair will start to grow straight again over time… or not! This also applies to its colour! Once again, there is no need to worry about it: such changes are only permanent in very exceptional circumstances. It goes without saying that blond hair will not become black or ginger, and vice versa. They might darken, or even lighten a little. That’s it!

Another good news: after three to four months, your hair will look stronger and healthier (not to mention thicker) than it ever did before! As a matter of fact – before treatment – each hair follicle was going through the growth cycle at a different pace. Now, it’s all growing at the same time! It might, however, be a little less true in case of hormone-related cancer, as most treatments will reduce hair density.

Can I help my hair grow faster?

We’re not going to lie: you will have to be patient. You could, however, give nature a helping hand. 😉 Let’s talk about the dos and the don’ts of hair growth!


The quicker you get rid of all the toxins accumulated around the scalp during the treatments, the quicker and healthier your hair will grow back. So, keep calm and apply castor oil to chase the last toxins away! Massage your scalp delicately to make this moment more enjoyable.

Massage your scalp to make hair grow faster

> A massage a day keeps the toxines away!

Scalp massage are not only a pure moment of joy, they’re also full of benefits! Besides eliminating toxins, they stimulate the blood circulation and improve the supply of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. In a nutshell: everything your hair needs to grow back!

A simple and gentle routine you can practice on a daily basis, as often as you want. Simply make sure to massage your scalp with circular movements, for 2 to 3 minutes, using our Scalp Mist.

> Keep your head warm

Protect your little scalp from the cold weather as much as you can. When freezing, the external layers of your skin contract and hinder hair regrowth. Now you’ve got the perfect excuse to put on a nice and cute little hat – and no, contrary to what might sometimes be believed, hats, caps and headscarves don’t slow down the regrowth. If anything, they keep you head warm and cozy all day long.

> We know you already have a lot on your plate but…

Adopting healthy eating habits is also a way to boost hair regrowth! Certain types of food will indeed provide your body with all the nutrients it needs to repair damaged cells.

Of course, it’s a matter of balance but try and eat foods full of vitamins and minerals (especially products which contain sulphur such as sole, tuna, cooked ham, chicken, ham yolk…). Fats also have a part to play since they are vital for healthy hair growth and help the body to absorb vitamins.

Don’t forget zinc and iron either! Deficiencies in both could damage your hair. Without a daily dose of vitamins, your hair could also become weaker and duller. Now, treat yourself with a lot of fruits, vegetables and, why not, a good portion of seafood once in a while.

Food supplements might also come in handy if you want to provide your body with all the nutrients and vitamins it needs. But don’t choose them on your own! Instead, ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice. Also prefer natural sources of vitamins and nutrients.

Last but not least: brewer’s yeast. It’s a good source of vitamin B! You can easily include it in your morning routine by adding 1-2 tablespoon in half a glass of water and drink it just before eating your breakfast. If this option doesn’t suit you, you could still buy brewer’s yeast flakes and sprinkle it all over your salad, soup or any other food you may like.

Again, let’s be realistic: these changes won’t have an effect on the hair you already have back. In fact, you might not see any result before 6 months after you changed your eating habits. Everything comes to those who wait…


> Using silicone cooking bands to tie back your hair.

The silicone they’re made of might break your hair or pull it out from the root.

> Dying your hair

At first, your hair won’t be as strong and healthy as it used to be. If anything, it’s more likely to break. So, even if you’re already thinking about your next hair dyeing, waving, straightening or brushing… we highly recommend you to wait at least six months after the end of chemo, which should give enough time to you hair to regrow all healthy and ready for your next appointment at the hairdresser. Even then, don’t go to hard on your brand new mane: favour an organic vegetable colouring or at least a temporary hair colouring since – they’ll be gentler on your sensitive scalp. Note to yourself: if your scalp is especially dry or irritated, wait until it becomes less sensitive. Anyhow, try to use products which are ammonia, paraben, oxidiser and resorcinol-free.

> Thinking your hair will grow thicker, faster and even darker if you cut them

It’s absolutely NOT true. Think about it: it’s just impossible! Cutting the ends of your hair does not and will not affect the follicles in your scalp, which determine how fast and how much your hair grows. On the other hand, you can boost growth and make your hair stronger by taking care of its roots as well as the tiny blood vessels that nourish the skin.

But still, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make an appointment at the hairdresser when your hair has grown about 1-2 inches. Nothing better than a nice and equalised haircut to change your look a bit. Speaking of which, try and find a beauty salon which provides special cares for patients undergoing treatments.


Voilà! We hope this article will help you to take care of your hair, which we know, you’ve missed a lot! Don’t hesitate to send us some nice pictures of your brand new haircut and feel free to ask all of your questions in the comment section!

Thanks for reading our Blog. 

See you soon!

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