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Limited Edition Duo

Les Franjynes x MÊME

100 ml


Skin and scalp damaged by cancer treatments

Sensitive and atopic skin

Why we love it:

  • The Scalp Mist nourished and soothes your scalp  
  • The Beanie from Les Franjynes doesn't have any stitching so it protects your head with style and softness
  • Thanks to the Mist's non greasy finish, you can put on your Beanie straight after applying it !
Our clinical study
  • 48h delivery in France
  • With lots of tenderness
  • 1 Discovery Kit with every order

For you, we’ve selected the softest for your little scalp: a duo combining the MÊME Scalp Mist, to soothe and moisturize your sensitive scalp, and the beautiful Charlie Cross chemo beanie from the Franjynes to keep your pretty head well protected, and with style! 

With its pretty Old Rose color and crepe fabric, the Franjynes Charlie Cross beanie is as nice to wear
as it is to look at. Seamless to prevent further itchiness, and easy to put on, it's perfect for protecting
your head with style, even when knots are not your forte! Its little plus? It is handmade in France by a
seamstress who previously worked for luxury fashion house: a real gem!

The Scalp Mist is refreshing and nourishing. It immediately soothes your scalp from irritation and
dryness caused both by anti-cancer treatment-induced alopecia and by wearing a wig or other hair
prosthesis. And thanks to its soft and non-greasy finish, you can use it whenever you’re having a hot
flush and put on your Charlie Cross seamless chemo beanie right after!

Apricot Kernel Oil

Organic Calendula Extract

Camelia Japonica Oil

Formulated with 88% natural ingredients, the Scalp Mist was developed according to our strict formulation charter, without any potentially harmful ingredients or ingredients associated with hormonal imbalances, to respect your sensitive scalp. Its efficacy is, among other things, due to the association of moisturizing vegetable oils, nourishing and soothing.

  • Organic Calendula Extract: softening and antioxidant, Calendula Extract soothes the driest and most irritated skins to say goodbye to uncomfortable itching.
  • Camelia Japonica Oil: combining moisturizing and protection, this vegetable oil is perfect to recover softness and suppleness of the skin.
  • Apricot Kernel Oil: rich in vitamin A, vitamin E, phytosterols and glycerides, Apricot Kernel Oil is really enriching ! It nourishes the scalp and strengthen the skin’s protective barrier to keep it supple. 

AQUA (WATER)Source : Water 
Function : Solvant
COCONUT ALKANESSource : coconut 
Function : Leaves the skin relaxed, soft and supple (emollient)
Function : Leaves the skin relaxe, soft and supple...and leaves a very soft touch ! (emollient)
GLYCERINSource : Rapeseed 
Function : Replenishes the skin with water (humectant)
Function : Leaves the skin relaxed, soft and supple (emollient)
Function : Nourishes the skin 
CAMELLIA JAPONICA SEED OIL Source : Camellia Japonica plant 
Function : Leaves the skin relaxed, soft and supple and promote skin repair (emollient)
Function : Soothes the skin
Function : Help the clear separation of the two phases
Function : Antimicrobial
BETAINESource : Sugar Beet 
Function : Moisturizes and replenishes the skin with water (humectant)
POTASSIUM SORBATESource : Synthetic 
Function : Preserves the good quality of you product (chelating and buffer agent)
SODIUM ANISATESource : Essential oil of basil and star anise Function : AntimicrobialCITRIC ACIDSource: Corn 
Function : Preserves the good quality of your product (chelating and buffer agent)
PARFUM (FRAGRANCE) Source : Allergen-free, synthetic.
Function : For very comforting and soft parfume(notes of citruses and green tea)
Function : Leaves the skin relaxed, soft and supple (emollient)
TOCOPHEROLSource : Sunflower
Function : Protects the skin (antioxidant)
ACETYLCEDRENESource : Synthetic 
Function : Perfume
* organic ingredients

Tips - Scalp Mist

Charlie Cross chemo beanie:

Very simple design: it slips on like a beanie! Please wash your Charlie Cross beanie by hand and let it
dry in the open air and in the shade to avoid altering its pretty color.

Scalp Mist:

From the first loss of hair and until it grows back, spray the Mist 2 times a day on your scalp. Massage
your head with your fingertips in small circular motions to penetrate the mist, to activate
microcirculation, most importantly to make you feel good!

What women think about it

Jacqueline N.

Le bonnet Charlie cross est un peu grand, et j'ai été surprise par son épaisseur. Quant à l'huile pour le cuir chevelu, j'en suis à mon deuxième flacon : fraicheur et douceur !

published the 24/10/2019 following an order made on 03/10/2019

Comment from MÊME the 29/10/2019
D'accord merci de ces précisions, on va pouvoir le dire à Julie pour qu'elle puisse le prendre en compte sur ses prochaines fabrications :)

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