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Body cream / Face cream / Nail polish


Skin damaged by cancer treatments

Sensitive and atopic skin

Fragile, ridged and splitting nails

Why we love it

  • Personalize the colour of the nail polish
  • 3 essentials
  • A limited edition 
Couleur : Rouge
  • 48h delivery in France
  • With lots of tenderness
  • 2 free Samples for any order

Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy or targeted therapies can dry and weaken the skin. More sensitive, it can be irritated and itch. To softly take care of our pretty skin and prevent those side effects, it is necessary to daily moisturize it with adapted body and face cares. 

 The 3 products box contains all you need to take care of your skin and protect your little nails on a daily basis:

  • The Body Cream moisturizes and nourishes the skins that need the most attention
  • The Moisturizer soothes and softens the fine and delicate skin.
  • The Red Silicon Nail Polish protects and hardens the weakened nails with a shiny and feminine color.

The body cream and moisturizer quickly penetrate and offer a true moment of softness during the application. With a non-greasy finish, you’ll be able to put your clothes on or do your make up without waiting!

The Red Silicon Nail Polish is very opaque with 2 coats. Its opacity helps to protect mechanically your little nails from UV rays. 

Specifically developed to suit the needs of weakened and sensitive skins and nails, our products are formulated without any potentially harmful ingredients or ingredients associated with hormonal imbalances. They are formulated, in average, with 91% natural ingredients. 

To know the ingredients list of these products, click on the links below : 
The Moisturiser
The Body Cream
The Red Nail Polish

Moisturiser :
An excellent base to apply before your make-up in the morning and perfect for relaxing in the evening.

Body Cream :
Apply the body cream once a day, just after showering. With your skin feeling more supple, it's the perfect time to enjoy a little pampering

Red Nail Polish
Apply two coats of Red Nail Polish on each of your nails. Then apply a coat of Top for an ultra shiny finish.
Complete your routine with the Nail Care Pen !

What they think about it

Aurélie L.

Manque petite carte lorsque l'envoie est un cadeau.

published the 20/08/2020 following an order made on 16/07/2020

Comment from MÊME the 24/08/2020
Merci Aurélie, Nous allons prendre votre idée en compte pour améliorer nos petits colis, merci beaucoup ! Tendrement 💕, l'équipe MÊME

Joëlle P.

Tres bien, j'apprécie beaucoup ces produits

published the 04/08/2020 following an order made on 14/07/2020

Mireille M.

Les crème sont vraiment géniales ainsi que les vernis très contente de la commande

published the 30/07/2020 following an order made on 11/07/2020


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