The collection- Limited edition

to strengthen and enhance my weakened nails
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The collection- Limited edition

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The collection is a box with 5 Nail Polishes : a Red Nail Polish, a Plum Nail Polish, a Pink Nail Polish, a Base Coat and a Top Coat.

Protect and strengthen your damaged and weakened nails thanks to a beautiful, opaque, shiny, and long-lasting manicure.
Our Polished are enriched with silicum

Soft, weakened, brittle, split and more sensitive to UV rays nails

Expertise, Security and Feminity ! 

3 formulas enriched with silicium , a"natural glue" which helps strengthening damaged nails.
The vitamin cocktail : spinach/ avocado / green that regenerates the most weakened nails.
The efficient pistachio resin which strengthens the most damaged nails.
An opaque and intense colour which helps protecting nails ugainst UV rays.
81% natural ingredients.


  • Silicon
  • Pistacia Lentiscus Gum
  • Green Tea
  • Natural Solvents

To know the ingredients list of these products, click on the links below : 
The Base Coat
The Pink Nail Polish
The Red Nail Polish
The Plum Nail Polish
The Top Coat

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Judith and Juliette's special tips

Base Nail Polish enriched with SILICIUM MÊME COSMETICS

Judith et Juliette's special tips

Apply one coat of Base, then two coats of Coloured Nail Polish, and finally one coat of Top.
Complete your routine with the Nail Care Pen ! You can also apply it on your coloured nails. (It won't damage your manicure).

Please consult your doctor if your nails are too much damaged or painful.

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The collection- Limited edition

The collection- Limited edition

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